Prévention & Interim Interactive E-Learning Video

    How to motivate working students to interest themselves in (“boring”) contract issues and security measures? A classical linear video presentation was surely not the right idea to get these youngsters involved. Therefore we made an interactive video.

    The working students can choose on the fly how the heroes Marie searches her job. They lead her through all the necessary steps to bring the paperwork in order and help them find her way in the first two days as a working student in the imaginary restaurant “Mama Pizza”. She comes in conflict with her colleague Sophie and falls in love with Mario. But what exactly happens depends on the choice of the one who’s watching. At the end, the participants can test themselves with a quiz.

    This e-learning program has been build with Learndash. The animations and puppet animations were done using Adobe Animate.

    • adventure game
    • audio
    • business-to-consumer
    • e-learning
    • edutainment
    • interactive video
    • kids & families