Missie Middelkerke

    Dreammachine expanded the universe of the comic strip hero Jommeke including audio-visual content. We created a book-trailer movie and a complete video-marketing campaign for its new album, ‘Missie Middelkerke’. Also we composed original music, to make the trailer appealing for 7 to 9 year old kids, and to add a touch of suspense to the soundtrack.

    The display ads containing the video worked extremely well, with a dazzling click-through rate of… over 4%!

    Project Details

    Production book-trailer and online activation on many kids websites, targeted boys & girls 7-9.

    • audio
    • business-to-consumer
    • digital experience
    • kids & families
    • motion design
    • online activation
    • original music composition
    • soundtrack
    • video marketing
    • video production