The sharing economy as a children’s game

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    Talking about “sharing economy” everybody thinks immediately about Uber and AirBnb. But it is also conquering your children’s world. In some years sharing will be the new “normal” in your children’s minds.
    According to a recent research (2016),conducted by the Center for Generational Kynetics, Gen Z has always known share-economy services, such as Uber and Airbnb, to be a standard type of business service. Gen Z looks for background checks as the main source of their trust in these services, more so than any other generation. Gen Z, more than any other generation, expects their shared service providers to carry liability insurance to be trustworthy.
    Another of this shifting attitude is the fact that ownership as a consequence in their eyes becomes less important and far less important than the experience they have with products. Hence the emergence of rental services of products in new categories, like the toys category.

    Two examples show this evolution:

    Use your neighbor’s trampoline
    When you don’t have no time for them, do your children play on your neighbor’s trampoline or do they construct their nephews electric train? Then the French can help you. Some moms & dads have plenty of time and are creative with children, others don’t have that much luck. Parents of the first category offer children’s activities at their home. And the others subscribe themselves as guests and pick out the ideal activity for their offspring. They reserve and pay in advance using the Kidwi-interface, drop their children at the guest’s home, fetch them at the end of the activity, and give an on-line evaluation when everything is over. It looks a bit like the recent AirBnb ‘Experiences’-service. And the children? They just have a nice time at the hosts house together with peers that share the same interests, playing with toys that they don’t own.

    Borrow your expensive toys
    Some call it the “Netflix for toys”, but you can also see Pley as an old fashioned library for toys. Pley rents Lego packages, Hotwheels cars, and much more. Subscribers pay a fixed fee per month, and keep their chosen package as long as their children want. As soon as the youngsters are getting bored they simply exchange the box for another one, for free. No need for buying (and owning) that expensive Lego box anymore!
    Pley is not the only one that came with that idea: Toys Trunk is another service that uses the same principle.,


    Gerda Van Damme

    Gerda Van Damme is manager of DREAMMACHINE. She is also the organizer of a.o. the Digital Kids Marketing Congress and the Kids & Family Marketing Congress. Gerda is an international keynote speaker about kids & family marketing related subjects, and within the 5% top influencers on Slideshare. Previously Gerda Van Damme has also been manager of KIDS REPUBLIC and of THE WEB FACTORY, and Consumer Marketing Manager at Microsoft (MSN).

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