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    Discover our favorite Back to School-campaigns

    1 Fitting in – Advertiser: Old Navy

    Some examples of a series of hilarious back-to-school commercials from Old Navy, tackling the fear of not fitting in with the peers.
    Also a special mention for ‘Unlimited’ and its empowering message: “Old Navy believes every kid has the potential to be #Unlimited.”

    2 A cappella challenge – Advertiser: Macy’s

    A campaign inviting schools to participate in an a cappella challenge for schools.
    First, one of the outcomes. Interactive, challenging, creative. We love.

    3 Shoppable live event – Advertiser: Target

    Target built a reality show-like experience starring YouTube stars. All items on the 4-day live show were shoppable.
    Exciting, and a good fit for the studentto-be audience.

    4 Man versus ape – Advertiser: radio1

    The idea for this commercial was based upon a test from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, “man versus ape”.
    Genius and the fruit of out-of-the-box thinking.

    5 YouTube takeover – Advertiser: Tipp-ex

    After erasing the title of the Youtube video, a hunter engages the viewers to rewrite the title. Each written verb gets a video response. Awesome results for an awesome back-to-school campaign:

    • 46+ million views on YouTube
    • +1 million Facebook shares
    • +30% in sales

    6 #imgoingbacktoschooltoo – Advertiser: Livie & Luca Shoes

    Dora, 4 years old, with Down syndrome, featured this awareness campaign around inclusiveness for handicapped people from Livie & Luca.
    Different, daring and beautiful.

    7 For those who count – Advertiser: Lidl

    This campaign – from the discounter Lidl – doesn’t play the price card, but the quality. In general we find very little back to school campaigns playing the quality card.
    Perfectly fitting with Lidl’s baseline ‘For those who count’.

    8 A dramatization – Advertiser: Meyer

    The price-theme, which is very often the main theme of back-to-school campaigns, has been dramatized here with a touch of irony. Nice.

    9 The story of Sophie and Jeff – Advertiser: Clairefontaine

    Clairefontaine is reaching out to teens in this romantic, yet ‘urban’ love story. The slang from the main character is converted into literary language when it gets written down on Clairefontaine paper. There is also a ‘Sophie’ variant of this commercial.
    Touching and executed well.

    10 “Love. It’s What Makes a Subaru a Subaru.” – Advertiser: Subaru

    Subaru uses the back-to-school theme in a very ethereal way to strengthen its brand identity, which is all around ‘love’.


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