Back to school: please the kids, sell to parents

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    This is the very last moment that you can start thinking of your Back to School-campaign. How to make it successful? 10 tips that will help you to achieve your goal: 

    1 Be social.

    You don’t want to have customers simply deciding on price? Have them talking about your brand even before they start researching for their back-to-school purchases. The influence of social media should have convinced your clients already that your offer is the one they want to look into.

    2 Start early.

    Parents tend to do on-line research before they buy. Back-to-school research happens mostly online and is the first step in parents’ B2S process. They start searching somewhere in July for more expensive things like schoolbags, and wait until the end of august to investigate consumables, like pencils or notebooks. So prepare your website and brochures in time!

    3 Stop late.

    The actual shopping generally starts late in august. B2S doesn’t stop the first of September. A lot of stationary is bought after September 1st. Fashion is frequently bought after school has started.

    4 Mind the gap.

    While a very big part of the research is done online, most sales will still happen offline. Mind the gap & work on a seamless experience between the web and the brick & mortar shop.

    5 Remember what you did last summer.

    The beauty of back to school is that it happens every year. Ensure that you’re collecting the data that matters most for your conversion optimization strategy –  for instance, email addresses, purchase intent, and points of churn on your site.

    6 Appeal to kids & don’t forget their parents.

    Children have a huge influence on the B2S shopping decisions, so ensure ads appeal to both generations. Parents focus on savings, safety features and practicality, but kids enjoy the cutting-edge & trendy nature of the products and brands – yes, children want cutting edge pens and notebooks; they want to be ‘n’. Test your ads and website with kids if possible.

    7 Study mum’s psychology.

    At the end, mum will nearly always decide (sorry, dad – you can decide when it’s about electronics), but her savings are already gone (holidays!). Most of your competitors will therefore drastically lower their prices. If you also want to do this, combine your action with humor and/or an educative promise or you won’t stand out. Charity also works fine.

    8 Remember millennial mums.

    Many mums are millennials. They die if they don’t have their smartphone and compare every product online before they buy, even when they are in a brick and mortar shop. Think digital first.

    9 Be creative, stand out, think out of the box.

    Probably this one is the most important, but impossible to summarize in some abstract rules.

    10 It might be late but it’s not too late.

    It’s still time to start now! Analyze your current situation, start making an elaborate planning and off you go!

    So, that’s it. Do you have any other tips? Questions? Are you looking for some creative ideas or do you want us to help you with your B2S campaign? Or do you want to assess it? Contact Gerda Van Damme at 0032 479 98 26 34 or at


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