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Young vloggers make teens advertising literate
1024 577 Gerda Van Damme

Within the framework of the AdLit project, ten Flemish teenage vloggers will make other teenagers aware of subtle advertising forms and messages. About vloggers, followers and advertising Every vlogger went…

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Toy trends for 2017
1024 576 Gerda Van Damme

Every year, after the traditional Toy Fairs (Nuremberg, London, New York,…) we get a picture of the new toy trends. Here’s a quick recap. First of all, our personal favorite…

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The sharing economy as a children’s game
1024 591 Gerda Van Damme

Talking about ‘sharing economy’ everybody thinks immediately about Uber and AirBnb. But it is also conquering your children’s world – in some years sharing will be the new ‘normal’ in…

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Kids invent their own play
540 405 Gerda Van Damme

This week we were at the Toy Fair in New York, where we also attended the Digital Kids Conference, which I discuss in another blog post. Toy fairs are a…

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