Best Friends Forever booklet

Dreammachine Kids developed a new product for Atoma, that was sampled in the sCoolbox sample-boxes targeted at 12 year old kids, at the end of the 6th grade school year.

The small notebooks contained a number of questions to be filled in by the ‘Best Friends Forever’ of the children. This way the notebook could become a strong and personal primary-school friends souvenir for the children – something never to throw away.

There was also a contest attached to this notebook: kids could color the mandala from the cover online, or on paper (and then upload it to Atoma’s Facebook page).

Project Details

Notebook design, website design & development with online coloring tool, contest.

  • advergaming
  • business-to-consumer
  • co-creation
  • digital experience
  • ecouponing
  • kids & families
  • online activation
  • online contest
  • sampling
  • social media
  • top-topical
  • user-generated content
  • viral marketing
  • website design